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No. 3

Over the last four weeks, the building programme has slipped but the new Kitchen will be finished around the end of March. The reasons for the delay are varied– problems in scheduling the different trades (plumbers, floorers), difficulties with the various cabinet units supplied by a third party, the need to give additional and easier access inside the Kitchen to the serving shelf, an error in leaving sufficient space for the upright storage of our “Gopack” tables, a resiting of the proposed hot water heater and so on.

As soon as the Kitchen is completed, we shall clear the items currently stored under the pews in church and stow them in our new cupboards, including 80 pieces of crockery from the Parish Hall. The large Gopack tables have a special place behind the Kitchen door.

Inside the nave of the church, the storage units and the new rear cupboard (all made from the wood of the pews which were removed) have blended perfectly and the new tables and chairs, expertly selected and commissioned by Christine after hours of work on the internet and the telephone, have created a symphony of tasteful wooden tones and harmonious fabrics.  

Work on the final phase of the current round of re-ordering will begin the moment that the Kitchen is finished. We deliberately held back on this last stage so that we would always have a water and kitchen facility available. It will take three weeks to complete, involving the connections to the outside water supply and drains, a new toilet, a kitchenette and a significant storage space. As much as possible of the existing furniture and equipment will be re-used, consistent with a satisfactory and pleasing outcome, in order to minimise expense. Please note that, when this work begins, entry to the church, the Vestry and the Office will be by the West door only. And it is suggested that any cars parked at the church should be as far away from the rear door as possible. We look to an end date (with one exception – see below) of 23rd or 30th April. We apologise for the delay in the scheduled finishing time for the whole project but, at all times, we have not wanted to compromise the quality of the design or the finish of any item.

After a very generous offer by two of our congregation to fund the work in its entirety, our beautiful west doors sinsto the church have had the oak panbels removed and replaced with glass, giving much needed additional light to the rear of the church, a warmer welcome to our visitors and a superb view from the chancel steps of the imposing and wonderful stained glass window on the West side of the entrance porch.

View in (Apologies for the quality of the photos and the reflections!)

View out

Exterior - New block-paved area


New path to the car park


The Kitchen



View through hatch into kitchen

Social area through serving hatch

The last item to be completed will be the new railings for our wonderful and impressive new terrace. An imposing and very original design was received from Chris Brammall, a noted Ulverston master blacksmith and creator of several significant pieces of ironmongery in the North of England. We have submitted this design (along with several pages of explanatory notes and background) to The Ironmongers’ Company with a request for a grant towards the cost. Our request will be considered during April and we shall advise the result. If we are not able to proceed with this design, we are seeking alternative quotations for simpler works. However, approvals will be necessary from the diocese and from the civil planning authority (SLDC) so it could be some three months from end-April before we can commence on this part of our task. Meanwhile, the ugly (but effective) metal safety barriers will remain outside our premises.

We are so grateful to our many friends who have given so generously to this work and to the furniture additions. They are many in number and all have given with loving hearts to making our church a place of pride and joy. Thank you to all.