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No. 2

 The works are ahead of schedule and excellent progress has been made. The weather has   been kind and the new stone walling looks very good. The contractors felt that the internal work was ahead of schedule and the external works well ahead.

Social area

The oak pews have been removed and have been made into our new storage cupboards which are now in place. It was agreed that we would sand and stain the existing floor boards which are in good condition, to match the existing parquet flooring, rather than laying new vinyl material on top of the floor boards.  This is still under discussion between architect and builders.

Library shelves The actual shelving unit will be removed from the ledge, which forms the top of the base cupboards where the service books are currently kept.  The cupboards will be reduced and be kept in situ to provide a shelf for cups, milk, sugar, etc. The library shelves will have a new base unit added to them which will have castors fitted to aid movement and will then be moved to the back wall of church, close to the existing entrance to what will become the new kitchen. There will be a new ledge to the left of the servery hatch.


The new office is complete and Linda has moved in.  BT re-positioned the telephone and internet cabling and all is working correctly. The new external window is now in place.  The flooring will need some further thought and work to determine the best finish for the office and the flower room (see below).


A designer is working on the brief for new railings and SLDC have now replied positively. Once the new railings have been decided upon and manufactured, they will be drilled into the top of the new stone wall

The Kitchen

Work is continuing here and taking shape.  It is good to see how the existing windows have been incorporated, and the serving hatch fitted within the arch.

Future Works

We need to decide what to do when the current phase of works is completed.  Although we will not have enough funds to start anything else immediately, we need to plan ahead and decide whether we wish to start fund-raising for our other plans.  This item will be discussed at the PCC Away Day on 4 February 2017.                                                                             CH